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news: trend: eating disorders and the holidays

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Title/Topic: Trend: Eating Disorders and the Holidays
Posted On: 12/27/2007
North Palm Beach, Florida, Dec 25 2007 ( – It wouldn’t stun many people to find out that binge eating and compulsive eating go hand in hand with the Holidays. However Eating Disorder clinics don’t receive their influx of patients until January. That’s because binge eating and overeating are not always recognized as eating disorders. Most people think of the flagship disorders as Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia. Although these two produce the most admissions for clinics, most overeaters and binge eaters treat themselves with diet pills, half-hearted workout programs or name-brand portion control diets like Nutri-system, Curves and Jenny Craig.

In many cases these systems produce outstanding short-term results. A handful of people may even continue on to live happy and healthy lives in the long-term. However, many eating disorders may become life threatening before they become manageable. In these cases in-patient treatment is necessary and may be necessary before the physical effects are apparent to outsiders or even the addict him or herself.

During the holidays the conditions are exacerbated. Societal pressures in conjunction with what might be less than warming family visits can make the situation go from bad to worse. However, clinics like C.A.R.E. Florida do not receive their influx of patients until after the holidays. If you’re in the industry “why” is no mystery. Saving face in front of family and perhaps even a misguided belief that if he or she can make it through the holidays they can sustain their lifestyle for the 350 days beyond. 2007 saw a record low number of admits during the Holidays. To Dr. Mitch Wallack (C.A.R.E. FLORIDA) that is nothing new. People will seek treatment when it is right for them. At their lowest low or their highest high, treatment for addiction, whether it be drugs and alcohol, or gambling and eating disorders, can only happen when the addict believes it is their best choice and the life they are living is no longer one they can control. We can speed up that decision be providing resources to make the transition into a new life easier.

If you are someone you love could benefit from treatment please visit For press inquiries please use the contact form at and you will be responded to immediately.

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