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news: “mandometer device” offers alternative treatment for eating disorders

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Title/Topic: “Mandometer Device” Offers Alternative Treatment for Eating Disorders
Posted On: 11/27/2007
Austin, Texas, Nov 26 2007 (News 8 Austin) – Eating disorders affect more than 5 million people in the United States and more than 14 million people worldwide.

Anorexia causes patients to have a lack of appetite associated with a fear of becoming fat. People who suffer from anorexia typically have unhealthy eating patterns and eat very little to no food.

Bulimia is characterized by a patient’s constant need to vomit after binge eating. In some cases, excessive exercise or use of laxative is substituted for vomiting.

It is possible for someone to experience some symptoms of both anorexia and bulimia at once; this is known as an eating disorder not otherwise specified, or EDNOS.

The Mandometer Treatment Center consists of eating labs, a kitchen, warm rooms, social areas and offices. Patients who enroll in the Mandometer Treatment Center stay for several weeks and sometimes months.

Using the Mandometer device, patients are taught how to eat in a healthy way. The Mandometer device is comprised of a scale and a computer. The scale continually weighs how much food is on a plate and the computer provides feed back about the patient’s eating pattern.

A patient and his or her case manager determine how much food should be in one meal and how fast it should be eaten. About 75 percent of Mandometer patients succeed in the program and 90 percent substantially improve.


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