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Question: What browser requirements does Pale Reflections have?
Category: Technical Information  |  Views: This question has been viewed 36 times
Pale Reflections is designed to run on most modern browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Netscape Navigator. Older versions of Safari are known to have some formatting issues. Also, older versions of all the browsers listed above may be incompatible.

To log in to the site you must have cookies enabled in your browser. Without cookies enabled you will be able to browse the site but will not be able to log in as a member.

You must have JavaScript enabled in order for the menu options to work properly. Also, the chat rooms and instant message system require JavaScript and a fairly new browser or they may not be fully compatible.

An audio plugin such as Apple Quicktime is required if you have instant message sounds enabled in your profile (however, the site should function normally anyway but you would not be able to hear any sounds).