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Question: How does the trigger rating work?
Category: Trigger Rating  |  Views: This question has been viewed 461 times
A number of areas of the site contain posts that have a trigger rating. This rating is an indication of how potentially ‘triggering’ a post is. A trigger rating can range from 0 to 4, with 0 being the least triggering and 4 being the most triggering:

0 or above: Not triggering (contains no triggering material)
0.5 or above: Slightly triggering (eating disorders)
1.5 or above: Fairly triggering (behaviors, wanting to act on feelings)
2.5 or above: Very triggering (lots of detail, self-injury, suicide)
3.5 or above: Extremely triggering (weights, numbers, graphic detail)

Trigger ratings are initially set by the poster (for news items, the first member to add a comment) and are then voted on by other members.

Therefore, if you are a member and you see a thread that you feel does not have an accurate trigger rating, please vote on it as this helps to establish a more accurate rating for other users.