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login timeout

Your account has been logged off due to inactivity

The privacy and security of our members is important to us. All Pale Reflections accounts are automatically logged off after a certain period of inactivity (no page loads or refreshes).

Setting the login timeout

You can set the duration of the login timeout by going to your profile and selecting "my preferences." The login timeout can be set from 5 minutes to 1 hour, in 5-minute increments. If you like to post on the message boards or send messages to other members, we suggest selecting a higher timeout in order to give you enough time to type messages.
Safeguarding your personal details

Unless you want to re-login to Pale Reflections immediately, we recommend you close your browser window and open a new one before going to any other sites. This is to prevent other people from using the Back button on your browser if you forget to close it down.

Privacy policy

Pale Reflections has a list privacy guidelines for the benefit of all our members. Please follow the link below for more information.

Privacy FAQ