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about us

What is Pale Reflections?

Pale Reflections is a supportive community for people affected by eating disorders including, but not limited to, anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating disorder, and compulsive overeating.

We are one of the largest eating disorder communities on the Internet. Membership is completely free of charge and always has been. Our members enjoy a wide range of benefits and can access many supportive tools. Non-members can still view all of our information on eating disorders, as well as being able to use our treatment finder.

History of Pale Reflections

Pale Reflections was first conceived in July 1998 and started its life as a weekly email newsletter. The newsletter still exists to this day and is sent out regularly to our members, albeit on a monthly basis rather than a weekly one. The very first issue of Pale Reflections was sent out to around 80 people and it very quickly grew to hundreds, and then thousands, of subscribers. The newsletter was so popular that it became impractical to send it out every week, so a monthly rotation was started instead.

The Pale Reflections website came about as a result of the email newsletter’s increasing popularity. Just a couple of months after the newsletter was started it became clear that a website was needed to help support this effort. See below for screen shots exist of subsequent versions of the website:

Version 1
Version 2
Version 3
Version 4

Milestones in Recovery

In 2003, Pale Reflections entered into a partnership with Milestones in Recovery, a Florida based eating disorders treatment center. We are delighted to work with Milestones in Recovery to help increase eating disorders awareness and promote a positive message of recovery.

About Milestones in Recovery
Benefits of being a Pale Reflections member

Becoming a Pale Reflections member is quick, easy and, importantly, free of charge. As a Pale Reflections member you can:

1. Search for and contact other Pale Reflections members;

2. Read and post on over a dozen message boards;

3. Use our chat rooms (they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week);

4. Add other members to your own personal buddy list;

5. Send and receive personal messages to and from other members;

6. Read other members’ contributions;

7. Store and share hundreds of your own contributions (poetry, stories, articles, and journal entries);

8. Access articles by professional contributors;

9. Receive our email newsletters;

10. Send instant messages to other members;

11. Receive email and text message alerts;

12. Maintain your own personal profile;

13. Participate in our regular surveys;

14. Vote on the trigger ratings of message board posts, member contributions and news items.

Concerned about your privacy? No problem! You can setup your profile to opt out of receiving emails, prevent other members from searching for you, post anonymously on the message board, and more! For more information please read our privacy FAQ.

Privacy FAQ

Take a tour!

Are you unsure about becoming a member? Take the Pale Reflections tour! Our tour will show you how to register and how to use various areas of the site including the treatment finder, message boards, chat rooms, instant message system, and much more.

Pale Reflections tour